The Costa Blanca

The long stripe of the Costa Blanca (White Coast) is one of Europe’s most heavily visited areas and continues to develop. For short term visitors it is the ideal place for your holiday property with 12 months of sun and over 6 months of high temperatures.

The people looking to settle long term the scenery, amenities and general standard of living is perfect. Below are the areas we currently have a wide range of properties available for sale.


The heart of the Costa Blanca, between Alicante and Valencia is the fishing village of Calpe. Nowadays it is a tourist hive,well located between airports and motorways.

Calpe has a wonderful mixture of old Valencian culture and modern tourist facilities. It has the most beautiful beaches and a great range of bars and retaurants.

Calpe is a town rich in history and culture and its strategic position on the coast has attracted many voyagers and settlers throughout history. Remains of Iberian tribes have been found around the town. Later, the Romans founded Calpe as a prosperous colony, whose main activity was drying and salting fish.

The Rock of Ifach
Calpe is dominated by the towering rock of Ifach which reaches an impressive 332m, rising almost sheer above the sea and is a nature reserve. The summit of the rock is reached after a tough climb up a footpath, by means of a short tunnel through the upper part of the rock. Be warned the path above the tunnel has almost no safety features and is not recommended for anybody with a fear of heights, the very young, or the remotely unfit.